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  1. Wiring Color Codes
  2. Does it matter what wire I use??
  3. Keyless Entry Reprogram Instructions for ALL YEARS!
  4. Sub Wiring Diagrams
  5. How To Build Quite Possibly The Best Enclosure Out There...
  6. Setting Amplifier Gains Made Easy-- No O-Scope Needed!
  7. Make Your Own Audiophile Quality RCA Patch Cables...DIY & Save $$$
  8. Wiring An Amp
  9. Wiring a Head Unit
  10. Audio Dictionary
  11. Fiberglass Page
  12. Ever need to know how to test a remote?
  13. Welcome to S&S Tech
  14. Creating a "Tips & Tricks" Sticky; need contributions please.
  15. Easy starter kill
  16. Ohms law for dummies
  17. DEI techsoft online wiring diagrams
  18. Installing a Satellite Radio
  19. cd changer/steering controls
  20. Blaupunkt Subs?