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01-11-2004, 11:15 PM
Has anyone done a total front end tilt?

01-12-2004, 12:24 AM
Not on my Blazers, but my Luv mud truck has one


01-12-2004, 01:27 AM
id love to take that thing for a ride :D

01-12-2004, 10:19 PM
one piece fiberglass front end www.up22.com $499, order a front end tilt kit $99.95 expensive but hella cool! lol

01-12-2004, 11:14 PM
I think I'm going to try some heavy duty hinges and see if that will work.

01-13-2004, 03:12 AM
Originally posted by Blazin0990
id love to take that thing for a ride :D

Blazin0990... Come on down

SUICIDAL: For each hinge I used 2 pieces of metal 1-1/2" wide by 3 or 4" long. About $2 worth... One is welded to the frame and the other to the radiator core support. Each piece has a hole in one end, they bolt together with a regular bolt and a Nylock nut. BUT my radiator is mounted in the bed.

I attached a rough sketch.. Above the squiggly line is the overall plan and below the squggle is the plan for one of the 4 hinge pieces needed

01-13-2004, 09:03 PM
I've got my front end on tilt now. I just chopped off the front 6 inches of my frame. Welded in some heavy duty T-hinges. Mounted every thing bak on using the stock body mounts and core support. post pics as soon as I get them.

01-13-2004, 09:27 PM
did a one piece fiberglass on my nova.

Awful wavy cause it was thin and thats why that car has and will alway be black primer.

didn't weigh very much though!

01-14-2004, 10:38 AM
Heres a pic

502 BlazinLow
01-15-2004, 10:33 PM
suicidal...can you get me some closer pics of the hinges and where they were mounted and everything.


01-15-2004, 11:36 PM
id like more pics and maybe a how too....i sorta want to do that on my truck for the fact it would be alot easier working on my motor....did you just weld the fenders to the hood?...have you figured out how to hold it down?

01-16-2004, 12:41 AM
The Luv has the fenders welded to the hood. Only in a few places so it could be cut apart to replace any future bent metal.

I used 4 hood pins to hold it down. 2 on top of the fenders and 2 on the sides but that truck isn't about being pretty.

There's lots of hi-tech, flush mounted race car fasteners out there that would look better than hood pins

01-16-2004, 12:59 AM
Would it be possible to put the pin and spring thingy thats on the front of the hood in the rear so it still latches and shit like normal? I mean so you would have to pull the cable to release it, then still have the lever to pull to get it the rest of the way up? Looks pretty trick, I like it alot. Prolly would look smooth as hell on a second gen... hardly any seams. BADASS GUYS!

01-16-2004, 06:50 PM
The T-hinges do not work. The stock front end was to heavy for the hinges. Instead I took 4 pieces of metal ( 2 per side).
Welded the pieces on to the support that I cut off the front. Drilled holes in the frame and bolted it on. This is a whole lot stronger and still has the same movement.

Heres a pic of the support. This is the right hand side.

01-16-2004, 06:52 PM
ok heres the pic

01-16-2004, 06:53 PM
Full veiw of support.

01-16-2004, 06:54 PM
Here's it bolted on.

01-16-2004, 06:56 PM
Heres it in the open position.

01-16-2004, 07:05 PM
what about the radiator hoses and such? do you plan to relocate the radiator?

01-16-2004, 07:23 PM
I cut the frame so that I could mount the radiator in its stock location. Heres a pic you can see the bottom radiator support sitting on the frame were its going to be mounted.

I'll post more pics when its all mounted in.

03-29-2006, 07:18 AM
Does anyone know where to get a set of used electirc screw actuators? I think I named them right,, almost like hydrolic pistons, but electric? What could you find on a car in a junk yard that may have this?

03-29-2006, 09:12 AM
I think that some older convertables had the screw type actuators on them?

03-29-2006, 10:27 AM
Originally posted by SmallBlockBlaze
Does anyone know where to get a set of used electirc screw actuators?

My '96 Caddy Eldo has one on the trunk lid and has a remote. They've used them since the mid 80's. Probably used in Buick Riveria's, Olds Aurora and other high end GM's too.

03-29-2006, 12:27 PM
What stroke length you looking for?

03-29-2006, 02:56 PM
I am not sure yet, just cheap to moderate ones so I can have a electric lift on my front end when it gets tilted... I am lookin to buy a certain ride from a member and I want it to look slammin in the first week I got it. I am doing all the planning right now so it goes as smooth as a bank robbery,, ya know
I have a few designs in my head i will post some pics i have drawn for a design..