View Full Version : Here's my idea:

04-25-2002, 09:30 PM
I want to shorten an LT1 alluminum intake manifold and make it fit on a 4.3 backwards. If I could take this in and have it made, I could put 3 inch outlet headers on up-side-down and they could each feed a turbo from a 3500 Quad Cab Dually Diesel. 1 on each side, right in front of the fire wall. Then a air-to-air intercoller could mount right under a 4 inch cowl and cool off the big ass 3 inch on each side "Y" going into the LT1 intake at the back of the engine compartment. 1 "cone" style air filter (K&N) on each side would catch ram air through 2 triangles in the hood, 1 on each side of the cowl. The cowl itself would also need a ram air inlet to cool the "Y". 1 like on Mustang Saleen hoods would be perfect. Or 2 triangles could work on the cowl too. I estimate 24 lbs of boost. What do you think?

04-29-2002, 06:29 PM
wow, sounds dope. That shit would fly. Sorry i cant really help casue I dont have the tech know-howbut it sounds fast