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12-02-2001, 11:23 PM
I have a 98' 2-door blazer 2wd. the only engine mods so far are: I have taken the screen off the mass air flow sensor and drilled holes in the bottom of my filter compartment for more air flow. I am fixin to buy a k&n filtercharger system and a new cooler thermastat. i also plan on later adding an exaust system. What are some more mods. for the v-6 vortec??? i have considered a hypertech programmer have any of you used one and if so how good did they work??? :D

12-04-2001, 10:38 PM
ok dude i got a 96 blazer, i got flowmaster muffler put in... this gave me a nice amount of torque and a little accleration. the K&n air filter really helped out for mine... I just got a computer chip called an ignition controller.... Now for the 131 bucks i paid for it, i would say it was worth it... doesnt give much in the way of torque, but it reallly helped my accleration a lot! Then another thing you could do is an ignition coil, which really lets the ignition controller go... Then im about to buy a throttle body spacer... dont know much about this, but i have heard these work well...
you can get this stuff at www.summitracing.com
Hope this gives you some ideas
ignition controller 131 bucks (i bought the MSD 6a)
ignition coil around 40 bucks (not sure which one fits our blazers... i accidently ordered one for older blazers :(... )
muffler with installation 150 bucks
k&n filter 50 bucks
throttle body spacer 100 bucks