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01-08-2002, 01:51 AM
Look i know what s-10's are capable of ok i have a freind with a 400 chevy small block and a th350 trans the engine has a stock bottom end and valve train the heads are stock valve size 2.02in 1.60ex it even has the stock rearend out back for now and this truck is ok fast still can be much better with more time and money but anyway look first things first mustang are for cunts and they always will be as far as the hondas go man i hope you never meat up with one of my buds with a type r motor and a greddy turbo with intercooler cause he will pound that ass and break it off in you but then again yall are right they are not all like that and by no means do i support them but i feel that as a true hot rodder you must have a broad range of respect for all street racersi myself have just started on my 1997 extended cab S-10 oh yes 350 all scat steel bottom end keith black forged 10.5:1 pistons and dart heads with 64cc combustion chambe 200cc intake runner 2.02in 1.60ex manley swirl pollished valves and my intake holley street dominator dual plane yes for the tourqe power band from idle-7200rpms oh and the cam 284duration comp cant place the lift right now but any way its high and the engine is backed by a T5 five speed from a camaro and a moiser 12 bolt 3.73 gear rearend out back well its like ive always been told if your gonna do it do it right the first time. Ok Ok heres my kill story that is the best of them all i have a 1980 chevy malibu that is just my friday and saturday night car with a 383 with 476hp at the rear wheels on vp racing fuel ok anyway the rest of the story i was at the local hang out a shopping center parking lot that after hours is packed with some of the sweetest rides youll see in middle tennessee well someone thought they would be a wise ass and call in a buddy from out of town to race me and yes this dude had some shit a 347 syroker mustang with a holley systemax system and a jackson supercharger belt driven not a root charger though side mount deal well anyway dude says you name the place and i said follow mewe went to the local strait stretch and i said what 1/4 or 1/8 mile man he said ill let up when you do it dont matter i said ok so i heated the m/t dot aprooved slicks while he ways settin on street tires we got lined up he was runin a tremec 5 speed so i knew i could pull him several cars if he missed a gear i stalled up the trusty th350 trans the sweetheart in front of us dropped the white flag and it was on like donkey kong as i pulled him ammediately out of the whole he grabbed for second and inched up to the quater panel of my malibu gave mine second as the b&m rachet shifter clicked me barking second gear i pulled away i never let up until the howl of the super charger seesedas i looked back all i saw was oil smoke through the headlights of the bystanders i got mine slowed turned around got out and he said i missed 3rd man as a tear rolled down the blue oval fans cheek and i said pop th hood someone give me a flashlight as i looked at the carnage oh a busted block on both sides i once heard a fellow chevy elder say no mercy son no mercy but i felt bad so i called him a roll back i heard the next weekend that 2 rods managed to stay on the crankshaft still intact well all ive got to say is if you wanna take the risk with superchargers and nitrous or even turbos be ready to pay the conseqeunces felllow rodders, cause right here its all throttle no bottle and i dont miss gears oh and i dont go looking for races if someone wants some they look for me and dont just race any average old joe out there he could be a rat i learned that the hard way well fellow chevy people im outa here if you want to here any more stories let me know ill tell you the story of the chevy big blocked dautsun 280Z oh its a thriller (well yall keep tha horns pulled back onem and keepem between tha ditches) the Tassman is outa here!!!

01-08-2002, 11:11 PM
on thing you forgot to mention. if a blazer races a ricer, and they start to take us, we can can shove their little tin can, fiberglass, plastic, peice of shit cars into the ditch, and probably not hurt of blazers. thats one thing ricers forget. hey, i got friends with ricers and they are cool. they dont go around acting like little rich cocksuckers.

01-09-2002, 12:58 AM
Hey thanks for your reply BIG DAWG. So does anyone have any blazer stories maybe of some with smallblocks in them or a big block maybe. I raced one once man i dont know what kind of gear those blazer'a have under them but this fucker screamed this guy built a bastard 302 now for you guys who dont know what that is its a 327 small journal block with a 283 small journal crank now keep in mind that chevy builds a 302 or use too in the late 60's it was mean too but you can make you own by doing what i just told you ok. Well anyway this guy was givin this thing hell screamin like a motha and it hit a slight lick you know so i thought he had a 283 or something cause every chevy guy knows if they are built right they will turn some major r's he had a nine grand tach that would bury it self and just keep on turnin seem like but he had some money in that thing too but everyone knows it takes twice the money to buid a desent ford motor and it still wont run to soot you. Thats one reason why you cant go wrong with a CHEVY. He had a muncie 4 spd behind it wich i thought was odd but then again a good i dea though atleast if your gonna turn one that high anyway and this blazerr was sharp too 3" cowl hood shaved roof no water cahannles on top no rack or nothin smoothed wiper cowl shaved door handles phantom billet grille settin on 17" american tourqe thrust with dynomax turbo mufflers 2.5" exhaust pipes just run right over the rearend with turn downs so it echos off the ground when he kicks it and man it sounded so good but after drooling over each others rides somoen asked are yall gonna race or what so we made our way to canalco rd. i heated the tires got lined up someone flashed there head lights 3 times and it was on and this guy pulled me out of the hole it was killin me just how well this blazer hooked then he called on second and started to break traction he feathered it a couple time but it was over by then anyway cause the seond he left his power band i was gone cya bye son. So the whole moral of this story is if your gonna build a motor dont build it cause its a 327 or 350 or 283 or 396or 400 0r 427 or 454or hell even if you find a 265 or a real 302 or 307 chevy. Build it for you application dont build it just cause its gonna sound good unless that what you after just cause its got duals and is loud dont mean shit fellas ford dodge or chevy cause its like a swift kick to the balls to line up with a guy that sound quiet and looks shity and him pull you 10 cars out of the whole cause hes got the best sleeper anyone has ever seen trust me ive seen it happen too many times although its nice to look good and sound good dont ever cut someone short cause there ride aint as pimp lookin as yours or aint as loud cause it doesnt mean everything. Always and i mean always and i cant stress this enough build an engine to where it makes the most power at the point where you want to shift atand if you dont know how ask me or i can atleast find out for you well its been fun again guys its gettin late so im outa here.

P.S. If you ever spot a chevy compotetion orange 1980 malibu with a cowl hood and a billet grille with dart heads stickers in the back side windows look out cause its prolly me and my shit is right on the money!!!!

01-09-2002, 02:34 AM
wow you've got alot to say

01-09-2002, 03:48 AM
Too much to read for me haha...
I just thought I would mention
There is forum called Kill Stories I started a long time ago....

01-09-2002, 05:11 AM
Was the 302 original, or built to his own specs. If I remember right, those were built for the racing camaros to race with the mustangs. And they were restricted to 302 cubes. I thought they were around 450 hp or so and made it all the way to around 7 grand or so. Whats your malibu run. It can't weight that much, and with(estimating) around 600 hp, I'd say low 11's high 10's. Not to justify anyone or their stories, but I'd have to say that most of the guys on here with a v8 have them in a daily driver, myself included. But, I'm not happy with the performance of mine and will be adding to it after I replace another tranny yet again. I want around 475, and 150 of nitrous for the track, or when I start loosing a street race, lol. Have to keep it streetable and on 92 gas. I don't have the money to build a vehicle to let it sit there, like a weekend cruiser. I wish I did, cause I've got some serious plans for a wicked stroker s-10. U got some more spec on your malibu, cam, gears, conv. stall, compression, etc. What kinda boost was that mustang running. I don't see how people just throw on a blower/superchager/turbo, crank the boost up, and trash their motor. Boost is a great way to make power, but it has to be done right. My buddies tell me everyday to add a blower, but I'm not gonna tear my motor apart to forge the bottom end, and have lower comp. pistons. My motors only 3 years old. I'm not gonna totally rebuild it. Or run race gas on a daily driver. Anyways man, my stories are on the other kill post. Nothing special, just a couple of idiots with an exhaust.

01-09-2002, 02:35 PM
Well as far as my malibu go's it has a 383 stroker with an all SCAT steel crank steel h beam rods arp rod bolts cloyes true roller double roller timing chain comp 274 duration .487in and a .490ex lift its a comp extreme energy cam the pistons are 10.5:1 forged kieth blacks flattops no valve relives the heads on this engine are the bomb Dart castings with 2.02in and 1.60ex manley swirl polished valves screw in studs pressed in bronze valve guides with comp springs retainers and locks the intake is a holley street dominator and a 650 holley double pumper with mechanical secondaries i used all clevite 77 bearings in this engine and a 7qt oil pani could drive this car every day on pump gas but i choose not to it has great driveability and is show quality it has a tci th350 and all hotchkiss suspension and a 3.73 rear gear i said it is 476hp at the rear wheels wich means it makes more at the fly wheel of course i run a b&m 2000rpm stall and your right this car is pretty lighti took out the back seat and replaced the front bench with corvette bucket seats the first run in this car was a 7.20et in an 1/8 not a 1/4 so dont get them mixed up it ran that fast and they said in order for me to run anymore i had to run atleast a rollbar in the car track rules but i dont want to well i gotta go if you have anymore questions go ahead and ask!!!

01-09-2002, 09:02 PM
Uhhh, yeah, I tried reading your novel up there ^^^, but I got about 4 lines down before I was totally confused. Feel free to use the punctuation keys provided on your keyboard. If you are still confused, click HERE (http://www.blazinlow.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=122) and read #2. Don't just mash away at your keyboard for a half hour and hit submit, UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WROTE! I don't type that bad when I'm DRUNK!

Thank you.

P.S. Sorry if that was a little crude but I'm in a really bad mood today and the last thing I wanted to see was this massacre of the English language.

:rolleyes: :mad: :o :( :nono: :eek: :confused:

01-09-2002, 11:10 PM
Well i see we have a wise ass. Mister pimped out 2.8 blazer is an english professer. Well the way i figure is if these people on here are'nt able to make it out, hell dont read it. When im in a hurry i tend not to care but, i though it was funny you chose to be a muther fucker about it. When no one else seems to have a problem. Maybe i should type in french eh Mr. Canadion and, quit frankly i could care less if you had a bad day whats wrong blazer would'nt start oh ok maybe your boooooom went bluh. look man truth is blazers are weak unless they have some balls like maybe a small block or hell maybe a big block. Shit even a blown 4.3. Oh and if you think it took me 30 minutes to type my "NOVEL" your stupid. I dont have time to set here and check everything on here. Shit man if they get it they get it if they dont fuckem its there if they want to read it. Anyway all of this couldve been avoided if frenchy fuck had not have had a bad day. Well i guess that all folks, unless shit face has something else to say that will piss me off. If hes smart he wont say anything else. Hey comon guys lets here some blazer raceing stories here. Well fellas and all the gals out there im outa here.

P.S.Maybe that was crude fucker but just think this was a good day. Ha Ha Ha Oh and quit listening to that Janet Jackson shit too man thats not good man. Maybe for your woman but dont bump that shit dude that will get you shot where im from. LoL

Slow Ride
01-10-2002, 08:15 AM
Hey TassMan,

Your 'bu make that much power?

I have a similar setup in my Blazer and my desktop dyno told me 380hp at the flywheel???

I have a .040 over 350 - Dart Iron Eagle heads w/2.08 intake 1.60 exhaust 64cc chambers and angle plugs. I run the same cam as your 'bu with Summit rollor rockers and use JE flattops with 4 eyebrows. The bottom end has two bolt mains a stock crank, cleaned up stock rods and a girdle. I have an Edelbrock Performer Intake (for hood clearance) and 750cfm vacuum secondary carb.

This motor w/ a 700r4 - 3500stall and 4.10 gears in a Blazer should be pretty quick. Right?

01-10-2002, 10:43 AM
To me his hp numbers do seem a bit high, especially since its supposed to be at the rear wheels. But keep in mine that his is a 383 stoker, and not a 350 like your own(well I think .40 over is 356) All in all, with 380 hp, and some 4.10's, you should be able to hold you own. I'm around 355 and I've got 3.42, and I can. But I'm looking to increase that 100+ hp by summer, a T56, and some 4.10's too. I wanna kill my buddies Z28, again.

01-10-2002, 11:17 AM
hey tassman. Next time you have a problem take it up with them personally instead of blathing on and on about how much of a "mother fucker" he is and how he listens to "janet jackson". You sound like you are 12 years old. Keep the board clean.

When you go off writing your novels trying to prove your point with sheer mass and numbers you found on the intnernet looking at other 383 strokers, it just makes you look like you are some little kid writing this stuff. Try listing out all of your stuff, in a nice neat manner. (remember to use that puncutation you learned in highschool, oh wait, have you gotten into highschool yet? :nono:

That hp rating is ridiculously high. I am sorry, I don't see a problem with "bumping" up your horsepower a little bit. My motor actually dynoed at 375, but that was at the flywheel and not the wheels. So I just say 375. Maybe if you said your motor put out closer to 400 instead of 500 people would beleive you.

01-10-2002, 11:36 AM
AMEN Brotha 8
:bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb:

01-10-2002, 02:29 PM
Well your right that was a little erastional and i will be 19 on the 13th of this month wich is on sunday, and as far as my car go's it was tested on a chassi dyno alot like the one that the guys on horse power tv use. You can bash my ride all you want to thats fine its no sweat off my back being its the first engine i ever built and i was in high school at the time. I would say it is a pretty good accomplishment, and it has been bored 30 over sorry i failed to mention that and it was ran on the dyno with vp racing fuel not pump gas mind you ok. Hey i have no probs with canadion hes miles away any way chances are ill never meet him face to face but trust me i have no problems, and absolutly have no problem dealing with them if i did. I went by the book building my engine Reher Morrison has some pretty good stuff out there 2 seperate books top end and bottom end john lingenfelter has some good books oh and smokey yunik dont forget him ive red them all through and through. Another reason my engine runs as well as it does is it is all balanced all blue printed and all port matched and i didnt waste my time ok. I tryed to make this power all at 7200rpm's although i could turn it much higher if i wanted to. Hey well im gonna get off here and pound some pavement instead of these keys aight c-ya bye.

01-10-2002, 02:48 PM
Hey man just because your skills to do the math on your engine kept you from making even 1 and i said 1 horse power per cubic inch dont doubt me. Look dude if you made 375hp period thats a great accomplishment dont get me wrong but think chevrolet built thousnads of 375hp 327's in the 60's ok. Look at the displacment issue here if you wan to get down to it my engine is over 383 cubic inches ok but that is just the number we all use for our strokers right. Look dude truth is ive seen folks make 500hp with less cubes so go back to your calculator cause thats all engine building is is one big math eqaution oh and im sure you do all your block work and everything huh.

01-10-2002, 03:00 PM
tassman quit trying to cause shit I am sure noone cares about your horsepower in your malibu this is a forum for blazers in case you didn't notice so take you're grandpa's malibu and drive it on outta here.

Slow Ride
01-10-2002, 04:50 PM
that was with leaded fuels and no emissions and gas was cheap.

the best sbc is the LS1

01-10-2002, 06:49 PM
WTF, you can make the Street Racer bible.....

I got confused at the middle of the first story, I lost the sense of time and reading hhahahah, thats what I call a Big Block of text hehehe. :p

No man for serious you have 19 (me 20 wohooo lalalala), try to organize what you type....

Also look for a +600hp S10 4.3 (whit a lot and I mean A LOT of work) on another s10 site that hits the high 9sec..... And the guy pass the e-check cause he make some changes on the aftermarket fuel system :P. The only problem is if they open the hood hahahaha!

01-10-2002, 07:30 PM
What are you talking about tass? When did I ever bring up math????? I didn't personally bore my blazer, as in "block work" I didnt personally shave the block either. Me and a buddy of my dads worked on it in his shop. And No i guess I didn't pull off 1 hp per cubic inch either. But you wanna know why? That would have to be because, I just turned 18. I started building the motor around a year go. I don't have what you would call much of an income. Most of the things you listed that you have COST MONEY!!!! I consider my motor almost complete. It moves just fine. I will beat 99% of the daily drivers in my town. I don't have money to just dump into my motor. Which as allready gotten my license suspended.

And as for the bore and stroke talk. You were talking about chevy makeing a 302.... I am not completely sure if they came this way from the factory.

But going back to "mathmatics"

I assume it would have to be a 327 block or a 350 block with, 4" bore and a 3" stroke.

And 383 IS NOT just the number we use for stroked blocks!
It is the ACTUALL cubic inch rateing of my motor.

Its called math. Chevy 383 = Chevy 350 block with 4.030" bore, and a Chevy 400 crankshaft, 3.750" stroke.

4.030" bore x 3.750" = 383 cubic inches

That is just how it works...

You might have more cubic inches if you bored it out more, say 4.040" or 4.060" But personally mine is bored .30 over and has a 400 crank. So I have a 383.

01-10-2002, 08:00 PM
The guy has 9 posts here and he thinks he is KING SHIT. Buddy, listen, READ MORE, POST LESS! And I don't speak a word of french, but I'm pretty sure that "asshole" is still "asshole". I don't give a shit if it took you 2 seconds to write all that, that should just give you even MORE time to read it over and make sure it doesn't look like you're typing with your ass. So if you're here to talk about Blazers, welcome, if you're here to spew garbage and try to act like you're the all-knowing-guru, you're wrong, that title belongs to SlimGu3 and nobody wants to hear you run your mouth off and try to be tough over the internet.

As for my 2.8L, perhaps you didn't hear, 350's DON'T COME STOCK, RETARD! The 2.8L is in there, because I'm not as rich as you think you are, and I'm saving for it. You make me laugh, so don't bring it or I'll slap you around like the bitch you appear to be, prove me wrong, and WELCOME TO BLAZIN LOW!

01-10-2002, 08:13 PM
Hey man sorry about the mass confusion ive layed on everyone here ok. Hey i can respect where your comin from 8mpg i started on my stroker my junior year in highschool and i worked my ass off to get what i have with lots of side jobs tune ups and so on. Im not doubting what youve got at all man. I just thought i may bring up a few points is all. Sorry that the main one being that i can be a total asshole sometimes but hey its all good right. I just hate being doubted is all. It's just something about engines that gets me going and could care less wheather i make perfect sense to everyone or not cause the ones who want to read are going to, am i right or wrong but dont everyone diss me cause i cant type for shit aight. I dont want to seem like a know it all either but some of these veiws and points i see on here are crazy as hell. Maybe i dont make sense to some people but hey maybe they should pay a little more attention in auto class or whatever instead of english. Well im outa here.

01-10-2002, 08:31 PM
Hey, it's cool and all, but if you want to show that you know what you're talking about, do it by proving things and not calling people out. You also said that it didn't take you very long to write all that... well take a little longer next time.

01-12-2002, 04:30 PM
Hey I finally readed your post, yeah its really cool, here in venezuela in the end of 80Ęs the Malibu was one of the most moded vehicle making the mustang look like sh*t hehe, lotsa of them used here for street race.

But as far as the 90Ęs begin, and so the lack of money, many Malibus whit really neat V8s needed to be sell or just trown to the garbage cause there was no money to handle the repairs and all that stuff. Same whit the pro drags here... Now they are starting to born again, well in part by the rice burners (lol),some truck owners and all that stuff. And also the pro drags.

Its just getting better...

01-12-2002, 04:36 PM
Oh by the way I learned to drive whit a Malibu. :p