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Thread: How do I lower a 1998 4x4 Jimmy without going to the cleaners (Cheap!)???

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    Question How do I lower a 1998 4x4 Jimmy without going to the cleaners (Cheap!)???


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    Lightbulb Hot Topic!

    Seems to be the topic of the month here at BlazinLow.

    See the Suspension section for lots of detail but it comes down to this...

    The rear can be done with 2", 3" or 4" blocks, for a total cost of about $30.

    The front can cost as follows:

    0-2 inches = free (loosen or remove completely the torsion bar adjuster bolts - for more detail see "Suspension" forum)

    2-4 inches = several hundred dollars (Bell Tech kit)

    5-6 inches = $5 (the cost of renting a 2-jaw puller; pull out the torsion keys and flip them over, then adjust from there)

    Basically, it's DIRT cheap (and effective) for anything but a 3-4" front drop.

    Again, check all the messages in Suspension and then call on the posters here for more info if necessary.

    Good luck, have fun with your Jimmy,
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    Actually you can get a belltech 4/5 drop kit for a 4x4 for $650 (thats in canadian) so not that bad. Plus that way you get no disturbace in ride quiality plus no -camber . But all the other ways are possible, just more wear on certain parts and ride quiality suffers.
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    do u know haw they took the camber out

    i am not complaining because i believe it handles better than a civic now but
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    All your questions about dropping a 4x4 can be aswered by just browsing the Suspension forum, it's been the "hot topic" for months.
    There is no way to correct the camber on a slammed 4x4. Well, at least there is no kit to buy or instructions to do so. Anything like that is possible, but it intails a shit load of work and time.
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