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Thread: ATTN NOOBS Have A Bag ? Go Here First BEFORE Posting a question.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Dragginblazer
    [B]THIS WAS RECENTLY POSTED ON SPORTRUCK.COM If you think bags and horsepower don't mix, read this.

    an airbag that holds a car 6" off the ground has the SAME load carrying capacity as a steel spring that holds the car 6" off the ground, right?

    ..and you GOTTA know that when a guy drops the hammer on a big Cummins or Cat diesel, powering a 90,000 lb rig, with 800 ft/lbs of torque,

    the answer to the first question is... NO the bag could be a small bag with 280 psi in it and hold the vehicle up 6 inches. the pressure in the bag and weight on the bag determines height.
    the bag could be a semi bag and have only 40 psi and hold a vehicle up 6 inches, the spring could be a very stiff Nascar spring and have a capacity far more than the bag or it could be a weak ass compact car spring and have a lowe capacity. the height off the ground has nothing to do with the capacity of either one.

    trucks (with trailers) usually weigh about 30,000 lbs empty and gross weight in the US is 80,000 lbs without a permit. also the torque makes little difference to the bags as no matter how much torque you apply the bag is doing the same job and no torque is applied to the bag with the exception of suspension twisting torque at takeoff, which is limited by the parts of the suspension.
    torque is also kept in check by a trasmission that can be anything in the neighborhood of 13 to 18 speeds.
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    thanx for posting that clears up a lot of shit i needed to know before i go off and cut shit up.:bigthumb:
    ***im back bitchez time to shine up the underside of some frames... asphalt style***

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    come get some
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    does anyone have an update on the first link?

    i just do want to ask any dumb ass ?'s
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    Yay, first link is dead. WTF!

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    Unhappy bagging a fullsize 4WD

    Hi my name is Vito, and I have a problem. How can I bag a 4WD suv? I have a 2 door, 4WD, 1992 K1500 fullsize Blazer. Is there a way for me to get a 8 or 10 switch kit on it? Either hydraulic or air is okay. I have been told that it is possible, but there would be an open hole where the 4 wheel drive shaft was. I don't understand what that means. Will the truck still run like that? What can I do? Any information, or actual kits, you could recommend for me would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is or post a reply please.
    From what I've read in the forum, my problem is unique. I couldn't find anything else concerning this subject. Please help!

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    Perhaps that first post can be updated with a link to :)
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    Nice, I don't know anything about this stuff and I've really been yearning to learn it lately, good thing I checked this before I posted a new thread :rofl:

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    I know this is an old thread but I figured I'd bring it up. I'm 16 years old and my father has been a trucker for the last 20 years. I myself know a thing or 2 about airbag suspention on big rigs and there ARE full air suspension trucks on the road. ONE for example would be the older 379, 377 and 359 Pete's that had what was called AIR-TO-AIR which consisted of a 2 bags per axle and a small leaf that kept the axle straight, kind of like a 2link or 3link would. They also made AIR-TO-LEAF which consisted of an actual "PACK" of leafs with a "HELPER BAG" that kept the truck level as more weight was added to the rear. Now, if anyone would like pictures of what I am saying I'd be glad to take pictures of newer and older trucks to show you guys what I mean.
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    please tell me you just took your stupid pill before posting that :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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    lots of good info
    my ride is custom made , not mommy paid or ready made

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