Well I'll tell you, I put the 700 on the Blazer and the drive shaft was pretty close to the measurements you all suggested. All I had to do was move the trans mount bolt hole back(I just left it unbolted, marked the hole and redrilled) Fired her up with REAL short pipes and no muffs, boy did that wake up the neighbors! They thought the ol' gal finally blew up!
Long story short, took her for a spin (after double checking all the fasteners for torque, leaks, and anything else that could cause problems)
Man was it sweet to finally be down the road!
But wait theres my bud broke down on the road (shouldn't have bought a Ranger)
So I stop to help him, broad daylight, clear weather, almost in the ditch, and the blinkers on.
15 minutes after I stop, we get his ranger going, as we close the hood we see this idiot farmer barreling down the road with this honkin' big piece of farm equipment, straight at us!
Bam! hits the blaze, blaze hits the ranger, and the f-350 is toasted with us both!
Cops find out he "fell asleep after a 36 hrs. in a tractor for harvest!
Smelled like a few wobbly pops to me and mike!
So after investing a few $, I've got $1500 from the insurance and the blazer's written off.
But brighness looms on the horizon! I found a blazer for $1500, and the festivities will begin anew! This time it should go smoother, and easier.
This blazer has a shot 4.3 with all the trimmings (minus the three back windows), how much work will it be to add MPI? Or should I stick with the TBI from a low budget stand point?