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Thread: What colour should i paint my truck

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    Exclamation What colour should i paint my truck

    I know i have posted this before but i just noticed that the subject name was not fully displayed so i'm doing it all over again.

    I have a 1990 s15 now i'm just about to paint it but i have no idea what colour to paint it :confused: The thing is my truck has this ugly dark red interior. So i want to get a colour to blend with the interior.
    Now i have already got respon's from.......

    Canadeion Gw88bblaz

    Blazin Low Blazer8943

    And i thank them form replying to my Question but i whould like to hear some more idea's from the other blazin low bro's.It whould really help thank's.....

    P-DoT :D

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    why keep old shit

    first my opinion is paint it a bright colour and dont worrry about the interior if you are a min truckin man then you should know right away that yu need to redo the interior anyways...
    so dont worry about interior color just paint it a funky stand out color like cosmic green and then worry about interrior after..
    later and this is the best opinion yet so take it
    taker easy if shes real easy taker twice

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    I love this paint job:

    this is a test of the sig

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    I was thinking about what Hearmescrape and you right the interior is kind of beaten up and i am going too replace it...But for the time being i'm going to go with yellow

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