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Thread: Shaving and other ???'s

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    Shaving and other ???'s

    Hey i live in Michigan and want to shave my doors, will the cold whether and ice freeze m door shut or can the poppers most likely break it? Will i need to buy a stronger popper kit? I also have two unrelated questions. I am gonna get my car painted by a friend and wanna know where i can get a color chart or something to choose a color to buy. I know of house of kolor which sells the chart for $40.00 or something but it just seems like you should be able to preview what your buying for free. Thridly after i get finished tweeding my doors i was thinking of leaving a small section plexiglassed and etching a design into the glass for a cool effect when neons are turned on behind it? Ever seen something like this done?

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    go to a bodyshop and look at their paint cards...
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