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Thread: need your help w/ 4dr. blazer drop

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    need your help w/ 4dr. blazer drop

    i am trying to lower a 2wd. 93 4dr. blazer. 2" spindles are not
    low enough add 2" springs and its to low( lower control arm hits
    the frame alot) has any one else had this problem? will a new
    lower control arm help?

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    hey watsup i have my blazer dropped 7 inches in the front

    4 inches should be no problem

    maybe your arm control is bent?

    is it on both sides or just one side hits?

    new shocks?

    look at your inner fender, it might be your tires rubbing your inner fender

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    I've got a 93 4dr thats lowered 4in in the front mine never hits frame with control arm. I used to practically sit on the bumpstops. Took those out a day later. I scuff the inner fenders a lot. Now I do bottom out quit a bit but I need new shocks. Not sure where it could possibly be hitting elaborate.

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    i had a 2 door with 2 inch spindles and 3 inch coils but i had new shocks and took out the bumpstops. No problems at all. My 4 door has 2" spins, 1.5 lower control arms and bags no shocks so i can rub when low
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