I have heard a lot of people telling others that converting a 4wd to a 2wd cant be done but that is not true.

This is what you have to do. Go to a Salvage yard find a set of control arms off a 2wd. (these can also be purchased new for betwen 250 and 350 a side) A salvage yard will sell the whole set up for $200. Then you buy a set of drop spindles. These can be purchased through Belltech, DJM, Chassis Tech, and Ground Force. Thes can cost from 100-300 a set. The hardest part to the whole job is Fabricating a spring perch on the frame. Its not that bad though. you do have to remove the torsion bar. In my particular project after I received all the parts wich took me a day because I own an accessory shop, the project it self took me 3 hours and now Have a respectable 2wd blazer that is dragging frame thanks to an air ride technologies 3 link in the rear with 2600# easy street air bags all the way around.

So for all of you telling people it cant be done It can. It does cost more then the torsion bar trick, But as for the look of the Blazer it just looks a lot cleaner. The biggest benefeit in my eyes is that the front tires are no out of camber at all. All I had to do was have it realligned. Any other questions PM me Pictures of the project will be up soon.