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Thread: 5/5 drop problem ?

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    5/5 drop problem ?

    i put a 5/5 belltech drop in my 99 2wd blaz and the ride sucked i had too take the 2in blocks out cause the rear was soooo stiff and it had that bounce that u see on imports when they cut the springs when i would go past 25mph now it is 5in drop in the front and 3 in in back and i want to make it even again but it is not worth the bad ride and i might have too do a 3/4 drop or a 3/3drop but i dont want to if any one has done a 5/5 drop or a 4/4drop please post and help me out on what i could do thanks

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    You probably need a c-notch in the back to give the axle more room to travel.. That's probably why it is riding like shit
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    a block in the rear will not alter the ride quality.. unless.. like he said your hitting the bumpstop.. which you probably are.. either get a notch.. or atleast cut off the bumpstop mount * if second gens have them.. i know first gens have huge ones*

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    I have a 95 4 door at a 7/7 static drop. Feel free to PM me with any questions!!
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