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Thread: Beach Driving

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    Beach Driving

    I live less than 20 minutes from the beach, and the town offers 4x4 beach passes to residents. I...wanting to get the feel off offroading before my truck mods didnt allow me to....went and got one, and took a bunch of friends down there one night.
    it was the hardest damn thing ive ever had to do.
    no only did the truck not go where i wanted it to, but i got stuck like 10 times!
    my tires are rated for 44lbs
    and i was told to take approximately 1/2 of the air out (for better traction)
    i did this, and STILL i had problems
    is the stock rear on a 92 s10 posi?

    just wonderin
    and i didnt fancy digging out my 3500 pound truck....which was burried up to the chasis at some points
    so i dont forsee ANY more beach driving

    it beats your shocks to crap driving on the dunes!:p
    '92 S-10
    Vortec 4.3L CPI engine
    MSD ignition control unit
    ACCEL wires & components
    BLAZIN it down the streets of Bellmore

    MTX/Rockford Fosgate system
    280 watts of sub-pumpin power
    400 watts rippin those highs and mids
    all faced by a Pineer DEHP4100

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    Sand... now that's a hard one to handle... My experience has taught me that traction is the key. You can sky lift a truck and it buys very little, but allows you run larger tires. I found out that a set of nasty off road tires will get you thru just about anything that you ask them. No the stock rear end is not limited slip. The limited slip diff will help a bunch, keeps both tires turning, instead of just the one with the least amount of traction. A locker up front will do wonders as well, it's like a limited slip but you control when it's engaged. But like I said earlier, traction is the key, get a set of tires rated for sand traction, and you will surprised. I read a report a few years back in 4 wheeler mag that guys out in Ca wer running Mickey Thompson Sportsmans and getting around quite well in the sand with the tires at around 10 psi. I don't know if they were just blowing smoke or what, because the Sportsmans are a street legal drag slick... :rolleyes: I would check with a local tire shop / offroad shop and see what they have had good luck using. Those guys have a lot of experiecne to offer.
    just my 2 cents....

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