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Thread: ATTN: All Members read. *IMPORTANT*

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    Yup that's cool.

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    well.. ya'll can always rip on me!... I don't mind :D

    I respect all Blazers equally... anything else is fair game.... heh heh
    Blazin with a tow package... cause face it.. at some point a BL member will need to be pulled off a speed bump...

    "A man in a Nissan Titan told me Blazers have no power, he wasn't laughing when I ripped the front end off his truck..."

    i love you, maegan alwys.

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    :blinks: Welcome to 2003!
    Im2Drunk2C: well bro i gotta run, work time
    Im2Drunk2C: later
    B o I k 2 0: alright
    B o I k 2 0: before you go tho
    B o I k 2 0: I love you
    Im2Drunk2C: awwww
    Im2Drunk2C: <3

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    Originally posted by Boink
    :blinks: Welcome to 2003!
    :bang: :bang: :jo:
    Originally posted by bigjsp

    Ba - bup - pa pa da dang ga dang dang yi dip ti ta dip - blue moon

    shoo be do wop!

    Just picture your grandparents "bumping uglies" in the back seat of a 57 chevy

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    Holy old thread batman!

    '93 bodied Std. Cab....Classick <- Go There!

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