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Thread: v6 replaced now no balls

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    Question v6 replaced now no balls

    i have a 94 s-10 blazer.i just replaced my 4.3 vortec. my truck is running fine but it dosent have as much take-off acceleration as the last engine.Does the computer module need to be reset or replaced or what???????its a newer engine than the original and the computer is the original one. ARE THEY COMPATIBLE?? any other suggestions,could the o2 sesor be an issue with the lack of power??

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    As long as both were vortecs it should be fine with the computer issue. Was this a new engine or used engine? Compression check? Oil pressure? Alot of things could be checked, may want to do a basic tuneup to see if it helps.
    Hope this helps somewhat.

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    Re: v6 replaced now no balls

    Could be alot of things....I put in a distributer and didnt have it in right....timing was way off....but then engine ran...had no takeoff due to being like 35 dbtdc ..... check your timing.....
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