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Thread: Warm A/C...cold heater

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    Warm A/C...cold heater

    Hi everyone,

    I've got a 1997 Chevy Blazer with the 4.3 vortec. It's got 134,000 miles on it. I've had several problems with it but so far everything that has been found has been fixed except for the a/c and heater.

    The entire A/C system has been replaced. New compressor, new accumilator, new orfice tube, the whole works. When it works, it gets very cold...down to about 40 coming right out of the vents. But often, it doesnt get cool. A lot of times it'll only get down to about 60 degrees.

    Now I'm also having a problem with the heater, and it may relate to the A/C. The heater does not put out adequate heat in the winter. I've replaced the thermostat with a new one. I've taken the hoses off the heater core from the firewall and ran water with a garden hose straight through the heater core and the water flowed great. So that tells me there is no blockage in the heater core. And like i said, the thermostat is new so I know water is getting to the heater. Another problem is that whenever i turn on anything (whether it is A/C, heat, vent, anything) i smell strong antifreeze. But...there is no antifreeze in the system. I flushed out the whole system and replaced the antifreeze with pure water.

    Does anyone have any ideas that could help me out? I tore apart everything on the dash i could...but the heater core is still waaay up in there and i'm not sure how to get to it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Warm A/C...cold heater

    Cant think of much...sounds like you have everything thing...might be simple.....the temp adjustment knob under the radio....pull off the panel and see where it goes...trace it from there... I had a camaro 75, that had a cable that run upto this shutoff valve that was inline in the hose to the heater core....the valve froze shut and I had no heat....thats all I can think of now.....
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    Just wondering, but does your truck leak anti freeze on the passenger side?

    Heater core is probably clogged and or leaking...

    Kinda bitch to replace but its not expensive... My 96s heater took forever to get hot and it wasnt really hot when it did...

    someone put radiator stop leak in it... That shit ruins everything...
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