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well i got another email back from raw, statin this

"we did that with the truck rollpan and i was getting hit of 400-500 a day about them i do not have the time to answer all the emails for that and trying to explain every time to someone on e mails is a pain
the pic's will be up with in 2 weeks.
like i said sorry for the delay

so i dunno what to say guys...2 weeks..i give it 2 weeks before i start harrassin them again, and smullen, u sell airbags? if i read that correctly, how much for them?
Hey man, between you and me e-mailing them, will get it one day... :)

Naw, I don't sell air stuff, I was just saying I ship stuff all the time for various reason. They acted like shipping was a major... I'm like just call UPS, they send a truck right over....

Just last week I had to do a RMA and send back like 14 boxes to Cisco System and 4 of them were like 50+ LBS... I thought for sure the UPS dude was gonna shit. When he got there I said, you need a hand with all that, he was like, ahh Its no problem...

Again, shipping sometimes can gets costrly on heavy stuff, but its easy as slappin a label on an making a call...

Ohh BTW, here is the Update I got from them Today...

ME--> > Any Updates on the status of the Rollpan for the 2nd gen Non-xtreme

RAW--> yes we are looking at the 18-19 of june.
pic's will be up soon

So, I gues we'll have to wait and see..