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Thread: Cheapest way to make your exhaust louder???

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    i got an idea i did too mine but you gotta weld a lil bit not sure if its possible for you too do or not

    any ways i just took my cat and drilled the cap out of it let all the charcoal out of it welded it back up and made it an expansion chamber lol it was funny cuz it sounds like a v 8 and it lobed it sounded cool and back fires a flame about 2 foot

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    hey lowered89 what di u exactly do? and well mr08 try driving your truck by changeing the gears manualy. u got a RPM gague right?
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    Just pull off 1 plug wire, that'll be loud as hell, might as well if you want to make it loud for cheap, right up there with a hole in the muffler. Even better idea, breakk all your windows out, then that bitch will be loud as hell inside. Or you can wait about a month until I get my blazer up and running cuz I have a 3 chamber flomaster that isn't doing me any good sittin in the garage and I will be selling it
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    have yall heard of the electronic exhaust cutoff's those are sweet ill post a link if i can find it
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    How mcuh you want for that flow master

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