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Thread: Question for photochoppers

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    Question for photochoppers

    How many photochoppers do we have here? I know otter, tommyortom and me, I know there are TONS more, but the names slip my mind..

    anyways, how many of you move the front wheel forward slightly on an S10/blazer when you edit it? I noticed it makes it look a little more streamlined, but nothing else...

    lol, there is an example in "Help me out, kind sir" (i think).

    Otter PS'ed a photo, and I stole it and edited it some more. Just flames, lowered it more, and moved the front wheel forward...
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    I chop pics, not very often though cuz I haven't actually learnt how to use PS6 yet. I have a different art program.

    When I put different rims and wheels on I usually just center them anyways, except when a wheel is turned slightly, then I just ad the rim and keep the pic looking 'real'. Hard to do sometimes though.


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    It really only applies to second gen's... If you notice on the first gen's the wheels always seem to be centered, but on the newer ones, the front wheel is offset towards the rear.. :confused:

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    I think the reason my front wheels look off center in that pic (i noticed it too) is because the wheels were turned when i parked it... when they are straight foward, they look alot more centered

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