In town the other day there was a late 80's ( I think I told Otter 86-87 ) Chevy fullsize pickup. Dark purple, phantom grill, stock ride in the back, lowered so much in the front, the bumper couldn't be more than 2-3 inches from the ground. So strange looking.
Anyways. We pulled into a parking lot (buncha people there), and he started hitting swtiches, and was launching the front end 4-5 feet in the air (Hydros). Pretty sweet. He had a turbo'ed 426 in it, so he could most likely lift the front end with the engine too :D

I also saw a shaved and bagged Dodge Ram (no clue on the number, as it was shaved). It was sweet...dragged frame on 20/22's (something like that).

I love Cameron and St. Joe. Finnaly starting to get slammed trucks and shit. But, lotsa ricers to:mad: