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Thread: How much do baggs run for?

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    How much do baggs run for?

    I was on AIM and i wasnt exactly sure what to look for. I wanna Bagg my 94 S-10 Blazer (4 door, 4 wheel drive.) About how much dose the whole kit cost??

    Anyone in the chicago land area know of a good place to get them installed?that would be a huge help!

    also my uncle is a machanic. do u think it would be hard for him to install them?

    I could use any help i can get. im only 17 and have had my Blazer for 8 months

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    1st- you need to talk to SLIMGU3, hes the expert on baggin 4x4's he knows everything you need to know about baggin them

    2nd - check out this site for bag systems

    3rd- you dont need a mechanic you need a fabricator to put baggs into a 4x4 . you need to do some fabrication inorder for the bags to go in
    ...........but bags are badass.. i want some myself....

    Hey Slim I know your gonna read this thread..... come Hawaii and install my bags haahhaha:bigthumb: :bigthumb: :bigthumb:
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    You can't buy a kit for airbags on the fron end of a 4x4 blazer. I had to completely fabricate mine and it's not easy. You can check out my pics in Suspension section called "Bagging My 4x4"
    There are so many ways to do a rear bad set up though. That's going to range from about $450 to $1500, just for parts. Doing it yourself will save a ton of cash.
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