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Thread: I need a picture of this please...

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    I need a picture of this please...

    I have an '02 Blazer Xtreme... I want to find a picture of a Blazer Xtreme with KMC IKE's on it... preferably 20"s. I have e-mailed KMC and they have no pics, they referred me to a virtual garage at "" and they don't have the rims for me to put on the truck... if anyone can help me find out what these are going to look like before I spend $2600 and aren't happy, that'd be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    ~ Ryno

    P.S. I had someone make a pic of this before and the pic of the rims were like white and all angled and it looked really corny... maybe one of you can do a better job, I want to make sure these are going to look good before I spend $2500...

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    sure somebody can photo shop it fot you ... but i can prolly get them rims cheaper than that price... just let em know e-mial me at or pm or im me .... and the rims come warrantied like any other place as well
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