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Thread: what fans are the best for a v8 conversion

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    look, you fucked up. me, ogg and the angry canadian mod are all on to you.

    change name, start new life on blazinlow. we will act like nothing happened.
    rip SlamminS15

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    What the hell? the one i have isnt no problem at all with it being off a Mustang, then puttin it onto a Chevy.. It has a ground wire, hot wire and also the wire that runs for it to kick on and off automatic which is by passed.. Im just gonna run it off a toggle switch.. No problem at all as far as wiring and such...

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    I just boughta dual electric setup from

    Here's the description:

    An OEM quality electric fan that will offer great performance and reliable service at an affordable price. The unit measures 26 1/2 wide by 15 1/4 tall and a slim 3 5/8 deep. It has air flow of 2340 CFM more than most units in this price range. It offers unique two speed operation where both motors offer high or low speed for maximum cooling control. Our custom harness is made from the same type of weather resistant connectors that you see under the hood of todays new cars. It also includes a nice lighted rocker switch that controls both speeds.
    See part# 674001 for kit without harness.

    I think this will do me just fine when I get it installed!
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    Some body once told me you can use the twin fans off of a early to mid 90's toyota Camary with AC and they work well because of their slim design.... just my $0.02

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    You can use ANY fan you want basically. A guy around me uses a e-fan out of a Chev Celebrity (or something similar) to cool his 450 horse 383. He has a 3 core Griffen rad though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JuStBlAzIN View Post
    the power invloed in wireing up a ford one is much grater than a chevy one. thats the problem my boy expierenced.
    I was going back through old threads and after 7 years I finally realized what you meant about the power being greater, you meant your boy didn't have enough power to lift the heavy ford wires thats why it was harder to wire. Sorry for all the confusion. Oh yeah Hi tony lol.
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    lmao, you really bumped a thread from 03 hahaha

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    This is classic.
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    Man, slammin, you can hold a grudge. Lol. I used efans off a a 93 taurus sho. They fit right between the grill and core support great.
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    LOL @ the grudge.
    Funny stuff though. I remember that guy getting so much grief all the time over stupid crap outta his mouth.

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    holy crap lol

    concord fans ftw

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