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Thread: 163 hp?!?!?!?!?!

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    about the auto manual numbers. the auto would lose more because of the torque converters. you gotta remember the input and outout shafts are not spinning at the same speeds until lockup, so it would kinda be like doing a dyno with the clutch slipping a little.
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    If memory serves me correctly, you will loss power in the auto due to the trasfering of power through hydrolics, power loss through the fluid.
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    how bout the autos just lose power everywhere

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    lol yeah for real
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    so do u just drive the truck around with this thing plugged in and it measures ur hp or do u leave it in park or neutral and rev the engine?
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    Crazy C
    it sounded like the just used a g-tech to measure your power

    and those things suck how do you measure horse power when its only plugged in to you cigarette lighter and thats just to power it??

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    Around here a company used to give them away free if you bought 4 brand new tires! lol If it's the same thing you're talking about it measures your 1/4 time, how many g's you pull, and a couple of other things right? Hell it could be something else!

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    autos lose power cause it takesa lot of power to run all teh ydraulics. its like the engien has to do teh work that YOU normally do with a manual. there is a lot of mass to turn in an automatic. there is a pump that needs to be turned. etc. but autos are faster if u ask me. as logn as u make it shiuft quick. there is no way u can shit a manual as fast as a built autop will shift. its impossible. why do u think so many drag racers use autos
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