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Thread: How to drop front w/Leafs - 79 4x4

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    Yep, that 4-link looks like what I eventually want to get to. Nice site with great info, thanks...

    I hit the yard yesterday and found pretty much everything I'll need (all bolted, no rivits) - looks like it could cost in the neighborhood of $200 for all the 2wd conversion stuff, so I'll definitly comb the South-East Michigan area this weekend to see if I can find a donor truck before I go that route.

    I did find some factory tinted quarter glass I was able to pry out by hand (I didn't bring any tools with me), and with the mouldings they were less than $50 total. It'll be nice to have a little more security back there - espeically since it is presently a rolling tool box, with all my tools & a bunch of coolie parts in it... Luckily kids are just looking to steal stereos & purses. Now I just have to darken the rear glass. It's pretty scratched up so I don't know how well tint would stick to it, but it would work in the interum...

    Thanks again bro,

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    the story with the pissed of cat goes like this some girl from the south moves north asks the cat gromer for a line cut groomer hears lion cut and now you have one pissed of little kitty
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