ok i know slammage is making the game or started it, but i'm going to make the game, hopefully at least the garge part for school, so i need this, from anyone with good to experienced people with flash, i gonna need help making rims, the trucks in it self, garage (anyone have that BG saved), colors, exhaust, ground F/X (yes cuz some people like them),hood types. i need to start workin on this now and i need it done in 3 months so i got about a weeks worth of school time to work on it.
here is a list of what i am going to include
Trucks, SUV's only, (Blazers, S10PUs, Bravadas, Yukon, Jimmys, Tahoes, Toyotes)
need rim types, so far i'm thinking steatlhs(spelled right??), timeless 5's, IROC rims, so far;
ground FXs wing west, and 2 more kindsused most often;
Exhaust(Gibson, Flowmaster, Borla, Dyno)any others;
Hoods(cowl, scoops, other kinds);
Tire size and rim size(tires either low pro, stock or off road size thats it)(rim size from stock to 24's??)
this is what i am goin to include any changes or if anyone want to help Please!! PM me ASAP.
PS if people help with the designs and stuf like that it will make the game be finished alot faster than if I do it all myself.. just sumthing to think about
ANY mod, can this be put as a sticky??