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    Here is a pic of my 2000 Blazer, current mods are just front and rear blackouts.....Mods I would like to have are:
    K&N Filtercharger, NOS (HEHE :D ), and i'd like to lower it but since its 4 wheel drive i don't really think its worth it....

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    got it cause

    The reason i got a 4x4 was because my parents helped me pay for my blazer as a graduation present. And where i lived when i was in High School, you couldn't get up my driveway in the winter without 4 wheel drive.

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    Damn it, drop it!! 4x4's can be BlazinLOWs too.
    I like my trucks like I like my women; WHITE & SHAVED!

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    yeah i know they can be dropped, just takes a time and money, both of which i don't have. :mad:

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    If you're really interested, a 2"/3" drop will cost you about $30 and a couple hours' worth of your time. See the link below to see my dropped 97 4-by...

    It used to look like yours (actually it does now again - back up for winter!)

    Take out the Torsion Bar adjusters in the front and put 3-inch blocks in the back (or 2-inch if you want a little rake...).

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me...

    Nice Blazer, though - I like the black.

    97 Blazer 4wd 2-door 5-speed
    Red w/ blacked-out greenhouse
    3/3 drop
    Flowmaster exhaust
    97 Camaro alloys w/ Michelin rubbers
    Matching rear-mounted spare
    See WWW for audio

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