This site is what I've needed for a long time. Glad to be here! My Blazer is a 93 2wd 4dr 4.3 and I have several ?s about bagging it. First, what is a good air management system to buy?
I really just want to bag the front for now, so will a 2 path be enough or should i go with a 3 or 4 path for the rear later?
When it comes time to align, what height or psi should it be aligned at, full raised or the stance i'll like to ride at?
Would it be best to piece a air bag setup together or buy the whole thing as a package?
I want the system to be quick so what things should I look for in a setup?
Would it be better to hard lower (spindles, springs, leafs and blocks) my blazer instead?
I'm sure I'll have more ?s but this is it for now. I will be installing spindles w/ the bags if I go this route. If anyone has pix of bagged blazers or any other info, PLEASE HELP!!