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    Car Cleaner

    When I first picked up my Blazer I wasnt happy with how it looked, it had a ding or too, some rust spots, and some scratches. The girl that owned it was a major ditz. Well I went to Pep Boys the night I got my car and I was looking for car cleaner. I bought the entire Meguiars product line and I cleaned by Blazer. All I have to say is that it just looks so damn pretty right now and I havent even waxed it. BTW can you wax a car at night when its pushing 32 degrees out? J/W cause I want to wax it, ran out of time this afternoon. I love Meguiars products, that is the best I have seen a car washed at home look. Even the neighbors were amazed. At first I was dieing to touch up the paint but now I can live with it.

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    Meguiars products are extremly good, but you get what you pay for too. Also try Mothers Products
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