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Thread: Body Kit For 96 Blazer 2 Door

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    Body Kit For 96 Blazer 2 Door

    guys and girls please help me find a kit for my 1996 blazer i am dropping my blazer 4-5 inches 2 weekends from now and putting 17" torque thrusts on it and i want a kit similar to the xtreme kit that came on the xtreme blazers thanks for any help u can offer this site kicks assssss awesome job
    thanks again
    john:confused: :rofl: :smoker: :bigthumb:
    but officer IT CAME STOCK LIKE THIS!!!

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    I think that Street Scene makes a front valence just like the Xtreme one, its like the generation 2 or something, and then you could just get some wings west side skirts and rear skirts, or xenon, whatever ones you like. You can see the front valence at or s10planet, or the other kits at

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