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Thread: Air Bag Management!!!

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    Air Bag Management!!!

    Hey everyone with air bags, what are you guys running for an air management system. Also how fast do they fill a tank? I am looking to buy a kit and am looking for a good one. Also what valves and sizes of valves lines and fitting? Thanks.
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    go to sound shapers in brewer ask for dan.

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    I'm running the biggest Blowjax compressor they make, into a 7 gallon tank (from Autozone $30), 1/2 line ($1 ft @ Lowe's), and temporary ball valves (until I buy MIC's manual valves). The cheapest way to buy a air managment system is one component at a time, each from the cheapest or best place you can find. If you really want to just buy one complete kit, I would suggest an MIC's air kit. Yu can choose 2 way or 4 and 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2" line.
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    how much were your ball valves and where did u get them? also how much u think u put into your airbag system totally altho its only front still?

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