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Thread: ECM Codes Version 2

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    ECM codes

    I had a request to post the ECM codes from my haynes manual but they were too hard to read so here they are rewritten by hotrodblazer4.3 .
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    ECM Codes Version 2

    Code 12 - System OK - If this code continues to Flash after 3 times,
    no codes are stored in the Computer, and everything should be fine.

    Code 13 - Oxygen Sensor - Check the wiring and connections to the
    sensor. Check for a sticking throttle position sensor. Replace Sensor.

    Code 14 - Coolant Sensor High Temp. - Check the wiring and connections
    to the sensor. Find cause for overheating, Replace Sensor.

    Code 15 - Coolant Sensor Low Temp. - Check the wiring and connections
    to the sensor. Check ECM Connection too, Replace Sensor.

    Code 21 - Throttle Position Sensor High Voltage - Check for sticking
    TPS Plunger. Check the wiring and connections to the sensor. Replace

    Code 22 - Throttle Position Sensor Low Voltage - Check the adjustment
    of the TPS Plunger. Check the wiring and connections to the sensor.

    Code 23 - Mixture Control Solenoid - The Mixture Control Solenoid is
    Open or Grounded.

    Code 23 - MAT Low Temp Indication - Sets if the Manifold Air
    Temperature Sensor, Connections or Wires are Open for 3 Seconds.

    Code 24 - Vehicle Speed Sensor - A Fault in this Circuit should be
    Indicated Only When the Vehicle is in Motion.

    Code 25 - ATI Sensor/High Air - High Temperature Indication.

    Code 32 - BARO Circuit Low - Barometric Pressure Sensor Circuit Low.

    Code 32 - EGR - Vacuum switch shorted to ground on startup, switch
    not closed after the ECM has commanded the EGR for a specific
    period of time or the EGR solenoid circuit is open for a specific
    period of time. Replace EGR Valve.

    Code 33 - MAP Sensor - Check the vacuum hoses from the MAP Sensor.
    Check the Electrical connections at the ECM. Replace MAP Sensor.

    Code 34 - Vacuum Sensor or MAP Sensor - Sets when the signal
    voltage from the MAP sensor is too low. Instead the ECM will
    substitute a fixed MAP Valve and use the TPS to control fuel
    delivery. Replace MAP Sensor.

    Code 35 - ISC Valve - Idle Speed Control Error. Replace the ISC.

    Code 35 - IAC Valve - Idle Air Control Error. Will set
    when closed throttle speed is 50 RPM above or below the
    correct idl speed for 30 seconds. Replace IAC.

    Code 42 - Electronic Spark Timing (EST) - Electronic Spark
    Timing bypass circuit or EST Circuit is grounded or open.
    A malfunctioning HEI Module can cause this.

    Code 43 - Electronic Spark Control - ESC retard signal has
    been on for too long or the system has (ESC) unit failed a
    functional check.

    Code 44 - O2 Sensor Indicated Lean - Check the ECM Wiring
    Connections, particularly terminals 15 and 8. Check for
    vacuum leakage at the TBI Base gasket, vacuum hoses or the
    intake manifold gasket. Replace the Oxygen Sensor.

    Code 45 - O2 Sensors Indicated Rich - Check the Evaporative
    Charcoal Canister and its components for the exhaust presence
    of fuel. Replace the Oxygen Sensor.

    Code 51 - PROM or MEM-CAL - Make sure that the PROM or MEM-CAL
    is properly installed in the ECM. Replace the PROM or MEM-CAL.

    Code 52 - CALPAK - Check the CALPAK to insure proper installation.
    Replace the CALPAK.

    Code 53 - System Over Voltage (Alternator Problem) - Check Charging

    Code 54 - Fuel Pump - Low Fuel Pump Voltage. Sets when fuel
    pump voltage is less than 2 volts when reference pulses are being

    Code 54 - M/C Solenoid - Check All M/C Solenoid and ECM wires
    and connections. Replace with new Unit.

    Code 55 - ECM - Be sure that the ECM ground connections are tight.
    If they are, replace the ECM.

    = Fuel Injected

    Hope this helps.
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