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Thread: how much did u guys pay??

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    Bought mine for 500$.

    Well it was originally 2000$ but I wrecked you aint redie 1 and used the 1500$ to buy this beast. Which I wrecked as well. Lol.

    I need better luck.
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    I bought my 92 Bravada for $5000 with a new 4.3, new trans, new brakes, all fluids changed, new tires, immaculate in and out.

    Hell, it had nearly that much in new parts on it.. hehe
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    I paid $2700 and tax CDN for mine at an auction. That was in april of 2002. Its now bagged on 17's with a custom interior and stereo. I've put about another 1000 into general repairs...(Gas tank was big $.) I just turned 18 in March so I'm doig alright so far I think. Next is bodywork, then a 305 over winter..and I've gotta finish my damn sunfire seats.
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    92' Blazer -only 60,000 miles. leather, very nice very clean.i paid $ 5,500 for it.

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    Paid $2000 for the '91 and $1000 for the '89.
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    4 grand

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    $16,000 i think, was $31,000 new
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    I payed 1300$ for my 89 a couple years ago.No power,knocking 4.3 auto.It was just supposed to be a V8 "tow" vehicle for my motorcycle trailer & $20,000 plus (and its not done yet) later its a sweet ass 'hot rod" lol.I should have paint on it in a few weeks.

    I payed NEW price for my 03 Xtreme Blazer back in Oct.
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    i paid 800 on my 87' 4x4 guy jacked it up and beat the hell out of it got it about 2 months ago still tryin to fix shit on it...if i had the money tools and knowledge i would dump the 2.8l v6 and put a 350 v8 in gettin it droped this summer and bagged and i gettin major body work done to it with a kick ass custum paint job...and im also taring out the shity interior and replacing it all including the dash.. i guess for 800 it was good deal but the dude beat the hell out of it some dents on outside interior is horrible and have to get new rims cuz he bent the hell out of ones on there now..

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    $3800 for the 2 dr/2WD.
    $3250 for the 4 dr/4WD.
    Both with nearly perfect bodies and zero rust.

    I still have the paperwork from my other '92 Jimmy that I ordered new in February of '92.

    '92 2DR/2WD, 4.3 CPI/auto, 3.42 w/ locking diff., black/black, SLS "Sport Decor" and "Jimmy ST" tape stripe, black wheel opening trim, A/C, tilt w/delay wipers, CC, digi-dash, PL, PW, CD, etc.

    Sticker: $20,268
    I got it out the door for $18,318
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    '94 Blazer w/GMC superiority complex, 4.3 TBI/5 spd, 4dr,4WD, 255/55/18's, fresh blue/black metallic.
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    I keep mine nice and lubed with anti-sieze and it helps out alot...

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    K-town ontario
    750 w/ a shot tranny 180000 km good strong 4.3 from second owner
    1989 blaze 4.3
    bone ass stock
    gonna be slammed soon

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    $400 dollars here, and all it needed was a power steering pump...
    83 S-10 Blazer(Two Door).

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    I made a trade for mine i had a ford aerostar van what a peice of junk i paid 500 for it. My friend had a blazer for sale and i asked him to make a trade cause i told him his wife, could use this van more than i would cause he had kids, so he said yes and i was like cool he paid $800 for it. I am so happy nothing like a chevy blazer it.
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    weeeeeeeeee oold thread! lol

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    hell yea! mine was supposed to be i think 7k or 8k when i got it 5 years ago, i just sent off my last payment on it monday of this week, and i ended up paying (w/intrest) around 14.5K :eek: damn.... imagine what could have been done with all that extra money i wasted on interest.... :rolleyes:
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