Hi, here is my first post on this cool board here :bigthumb:

I just purchased a 97 Blazer, and the front end is damaged. I picked the truck up for $1600, and I really like the looks of the 98-present headlights, etc.

I'm wondering what pieces are needed to do the conversion? I plan on running clear corner lenses, and a nice billet grill with a chevy emblem embedded if I can find one.

Other than the headlights, turn signal lenses, hood, and front bumper what will be needed for a nice clean conversion?

It's a 2WD, 4DR that I plan on only lowering, and adding a nice set of wheels to

One more question for you guru's, The truck has 113,000 miles on the 4.3, how long are these running if they are maintained correctly?

THX and nice board! :cool: