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Thread: "the new guy"

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    "the new guy"

    Im in the process of doin the 350 conversion on my 2wd s10. i have the mounts for the conversion. will my suspension be able to handle the weight? with a Th350 tranny will i have to like do some spline work to the driveshaft or will it slide in? will i have to shorten the driveshaft at all? can i use regular car headers for the conversion? im sure i will have tons more questions for all you gods out there.:)
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    I can't answer all of those questions and some of the ones I can might seem opinionated.

    The headers... you need to buy certain style headers. Headman offers the best that I have come across. On the driver's side the steering shaft has to go inside of the 2 inner header tubes. Look at the top posts on this forum for more details and some good websites about that subject. If you don't buy special headers, your steering shaft will most likely be rubbing on your headers.

    The suspension... it can handle it, but the front end will be.. how can I describe this... bouncy. Many people that I know that have put V8s in 2wd S-10s don't drop them at all, but they install lowered shocks in the front. Due to the increase in weight in the front it, naturally it's going to lower it a good 1-2 inches. Getting a lowered shock will compensate for it, giving you a bit of a sturdier ride (aka no bouncing around). If you are planning on lowering your truck, any front lowering components that are rated 1'' drop, 2'' drop, etc. are calculated for having a 4 bagger or V6 under the hood. The added weight of the V8 will lower it more. So I usually add 1 to 2 inches to the lowering specs.
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    If your truck came with a V6, then the suspension can easily handle the extra weight -- it's like having an adult passenger on board. If you are concerned about gas mileage and you do any highway driving, then I would strongly suggest using an overdrive transmission instead of the th350. Unless you have more than 300 hp at the rear wheels, you are better off with the standard exhaust manifolds instead of headers. Exhaust manifolds from low performance, late 80's V8 Camaro's are great for clearance on S-truck swaps.

    I strongly recommend the JTR manual -- it will cover nearly all your questions.

    Lastly -- please don't let the additional power of a V8 get you into trouble. Drive defensively and drive smart -- that's my fatherly advice.

    Good luck on your swap!

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    The suspension will depend on which motor you originally had. IF you had a 4 banger in there, chances are your gonna drop around 1.5". Stiffer shocks will bring the ride back to stock. If you don't want it lowered that much, look for some coils from a newer truck with a 4.3. That should bring it close to stock.

    Only V8 s-10 conversion headers will work. There are half a dozen different companies that make them. Hedmans are the cheapest. The shorties are around $100 from Summit racing. Personally, I like headers on most any motor. It breathes easier, therefore will make more power, and should be more efficient. So, better milage too.

    The splines should match up. But, if the driveshaft lenth is correct again depends on what motor/tranny was stock. Most usually, on a standard cab truck, the driveshaft will work with a TH350 with the 9" tailshaft.

    *Most common Th350's have the 6" tailshafts. The ones with the 9" tailshaft commonly came in trucks and vans. Im told there was a 12" tailshaft TH350, but it only came in old caddys. :confused:

    Welcome to the site, and good luck on you conversion. But, theres a search function for a reason. These questions should have been answered already. A little research will go a long way on this forum. On the other hand, most of use are ready to help out, and very patient. Feel free to ask away.
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