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Thread: ATTN: For Those with 94-97 front ends or....

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    ATTN: For Those with 94-97 front ends or....

    For those with 94-97 S-10 S-10 pickup or blazer or 1998 up GMC or s10 body style.

    This is the information you need to know about the front up swap to a GMC front end or a S-10 front end 1998-up.

    94-97 S-10 pickup/Blazer

    1.) The Core Support needs to be changed. They are not the same and cannot be fabricated easily to save a little extra money.(had a friend attempt the fabrication)

    2.)After the core support you need a GM or Aftermarket bumper. Now if you want the GMC front end you need to order the GMC bumper with bumper reenforcement. The S-10 is just the bumper no reenforcment is needed.

    3.) This is pretty basic GMC headlights or Chevy s-10 headlights simple, but when you order the headlights you also need the clips to hold the headlights in place.(2 for each headlight)

    4.) If you went to the S-10 front end You will also need Parking lights. you can order these gm(the orange lights) or get APC aftermarkets for straight clear ones. I understand the diamonized parking lights now have side marker orange reflectors.

    5.) Last but not least a grill. This is simple you want a GMC get a GMC. Vice versa for a s-10.

    For those questionable about the Envoy front clip

    1.) I am not up to snuff on this exactly, but from what i understand you can buy these kits for roughly 1500??? Or somewhere within that range. Now this goes like before if you have a 94-97 body style you need to change core supports.

    2.) Some people save money from buying the headlights for the envoy clip because the envoy clip(also from my understanding) their a H.I.D. Conversion. H.I.D. conversion itself is roughly 400 dollars.

    3.) basically to the point of things you can use GMC headlights with a Envoy front end clip. I've seen people ask if you have a s10 if the envoy bumper will work. Well, i believe it would work. Except you will have a very noticable gap between the grill and envoy bumper. This in my opinion would make the front end look worse then it did with the front end. I can further the information, but i do hope everyone has the jist of things.

    If you have a S-10 or GMC sonoma 94-97 and want to switch to one of the front ends they are Compatible!

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