I dont know if they related to blazers or not, but it is worth for you guys to check.

This is mostly for those that have warrenty still. Or maybe wants to try getting a free gate anyways. I have noticed that a number Friends tailgates are rusting and their only 2 year old trucks.

Now Warrenty covers surface rust up until 3 years 36,000miles. otherwise you got a 8 year 80,000 warrenty for rust through corrosion.

To see if your tailgate is rusting and i will take a picture of mine because i have minimal rust, but i am currently in a argument to get a new gate either then i'm only 2,000 over my warrenty and 9 months out of 3 years. Yet you can tell rust dont sprout that fast how it appears on my gate. Anyways, to the point

1.) open the tailgate.

2.)Look at the bottom of the tailgate where the pinch weld is closely. Here is where you may see rust beginning on your pickup. Everyone S-10 where i live has it. I suggest for you guys to get it checked out also. I mean what the hell you can get a free tailgate out of it might as well.

i've seen 98 s-10s with the tailgate rust horrible even starting on the side of the gate. Anyways, i'll photo graph mine and post a picture if the smartmedia reader will comply with me this time. Anyways, just thought i'd post a notice. For those of you with blazer please reply and let us know if blazers also have the "Pinch weld rust" problem.