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    hey, do you think these rims would look good on a 89 s-10 blazer lowered 4"all around would they fit as well if not what would fit nicelydoes any one have any pics?
    SIZE / BACKSIDESETTING/ OFFSET/ BOLTCIRCLE 17x8 / 4.5 / / 10 / 5-5
    89-8125 Chrome closed push-thru 5-5.5 & 6-5.5 4.25
    (type 153 caliber)
    im thinking of putting on pirelli scorpion zeros for rubber which ones will fit? on these rims
    40 295/40 R20TL 106VM+S

    295/40 R24TL 114VM+S

    305/40 R22TL 114VM+S

    45 255/45 R18TL 99VM+S

    265/45 R20TL 108VM+S

    285/45 R19TL 107VM+S

    295/45 R20TL 110VM+S

    305/45 R20TL 112VM+S

    50 255/50 R17TL 100VM+S

    255/50 R19TL 103VM+S

    255/50 R20TL 109VM+S

    285/50 R18TL 109VM+S

    305/50 R20TL 116VM+S

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    Im not really sure what your trying to find. I'm not sure you do either, lol. Is your blazer 2wd or 4? With a 2wd, and 17x8" rims, you will need about 4.5" of backspacing. The bolt pattern is 5 x 4.75. I don't know what all those numbers are, they look like tire sizes, but all different rims sizes. I'd go with like a 255/45 or 50 series. That should look good and should fill teh wheel well decently.
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    The only tire outta what you listed that is for a 17 in rim is:
    50 255/50 R17TL 100VM+S
    Wich sounds like "+S" means Speed Rated for 100 MPH +
    ("V" Rated)
    Another company would say:
    This is not a "Z" rated tire but don't worry! Z rated means 149 MPH + and even the Vettes that come with them don't really need them.
    Now the 17X8 rim with a 4.75 (or 4 3/4) bolt pattern and a 4.5 (or 4 1/2) offset (or backspacing) is what you want for a 2WD.
    For a 4x4 for the rims to fit right these rims would need to have a 6.5 offset on the front since the axles stick out 2 inches farther on each side than the back ones do. The back ones are 2 inches farther out than the 2WD so make sure these rims aint gonna rub if this is a 4X4. On a 2WD they should tuck nice! 4X4's front wheels mount a full 4 inches farther out on each side then on a 2WD so you might wanna look at FWD rims and some spacers and extended studs for the rear?

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