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Thread: Drop time!!!

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    Question Drop time!!!

    I'm thinking of dropping my 2001 Xtreme with a 3/4 springs and blocks kit. My question is will it be a subtle drop or will it bring it decently low? Remember an Xtreme is already dropped some from the factory.
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    You will end up with a 3" drop in front and a 5.5" in the back.

    The x uses coils in the front and a lowered leaf in the rear.

    If you plan on baggin in the future. Coils will be a waste of money. Spindles are always the best bet.

    Spindles will give give you a 3.5" drop in the front.

    Anyone else want to verify my statement?
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    Yeah, do a 3" blocks and 2" drop spindles to get a 3.5/4.5 Total drop. With stock tires you should be right on the lip of the fender.


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