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Thread: LT1 swap

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    LT1 swap

    Well I think I found a good donor car to change motors. Just so happens its an LT1. Ill be doing the swap in late July, early August. Any tips for the LT1 swap let me know.

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    Unfortunately there about 250 hours labor and messing around to get the LT1 in the S15. The motor came in and out about 18 times in 1996. Here a summary of what I remember:

    -Notch the frame on the passenger side for the air compressor,
    - notch it for the factory manifold,
    - restrenghten the frame particularly where the passenger side exhaust was clearanced.
    -Move the steering column over.
    - made my own motor mounts, so good luck
    -Rear cross member back one bolt hole on the left side, right side back to match.
    -Drive shaft needs to be shortened if you mount it back like I did.
    -All the factory lines for PS will work but you'll be an expert at gentley reforming them by the time you are done.
    - You need the left exhaust manifold to be the one that the catalytic convertor doesn't bolt to the manifold.
    -to run the s15 A/C condensor and a factory transam radiator and factory electric fans, required moving things ahead with some surgury on the radiator core support
    -We did a 2" body rise 1/2 way through, helps alot and and might not have to notch the A/C box and fiberglass it back together.
    - grind the driver's side A-arm for exhaust manifold clearance
    - Need the wiring diagrams for the original and from the donor.
    - Need the in tank fuel pump from the donor car.
    - hammer the tranny tunnel, lip in particular
    - Running an aftermarket shifter on the LT1, so??

    I think the latest version of JTR S10 V-8 conversion has a couple pictures relating to LT1. They wanted me to send pictures when we did this, but they wanted them.. for free.??????? The book is like $25, but is still worth the money.

    I didn't do the LS1 conversion thats in my 88blazer but I'd done some research before hand. I've got a spare LS1 waiting for my limo truck, if my carburated v-8 ever stumbles. The LS1 conversion looks about the same as an LT1 except you get to modify the front crossmember as well to clear the oil pan and overall its a little tighter than the LT1. One of the LS1 tricks was to remove the factory exhaust flanges and weld on some tubing to extend them down through the tight section of the frame, make the bend to head toward the back of the truck and then connect to your exhaust.

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    do the regular small block motor mounts and headers work on the lt1? im not real familiar with the lt1 s because they are newer motors and like a lot of ppl ive only dealt with the older small block chevys

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