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Thread: belt routing options

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    belt routing options

    Has anyone found a way to re-route the serp belt to by-pass the A/C and tensioner to just get the alt and PS and water pump? I have both a regular and a reverse rotation water, so I can swap them to get it right. What belt length? and what method did you use to get it on? I can't keep my belts on the v-belt system and was wondering if I can switch back to the brackets from my 4.3 because I never tossed the belt on there even turning it to 7000 a few times trying to blow up the v6.

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    Your gonna need some type of tensioner won't you?

    I know it can be done. In the new Summit catalog, theres a GMPP serpentine set up in there. Available with or without a/c.

    Comes with all new brackets, pulleys, tensioner, hardware, belt, water pump, alternator, and power steering pump. Not a bad deal for $550.

    You can get it through gm parts for like $460. I wish I hadn't just recently bought my underdrive pulleys and new alternator.
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    Street & Performance has several styles of serp belt routings.

    Should be something of use here.
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    I could buy the March set up for $475 if I had the cash, but I am unemployed and need to drop about $1200 in the tranny soon so I can go back to the strip. I'm looking for a cheap fix. I was thinking a prybar on the alt would facilitate a belt swap. LOL Just wondering if I should go over or under the waterpump pulley and what belt length to look for.

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