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Thread: '96 to '98 front end conversion

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    '96 to '98 front end conversion

    I have been looking for a body kit for my truck and I found the Shogun style one made by Xenon that fits on a '98 and up truck, but I have a '96. Do I have to get a grill, bumper, and headlights from a '98 or what. Please let me know.

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    Hey i had the same question and in a different thread

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    For the entire front end converion you'll need the headlights, wiring harness(es), grill, rad support and bumper. If you want to add the 98+ bumper supports you'll also need to do some welding. There is nowhere to attach the supports on a pre 98. But you don't need them. I don't have them on mine. I'm not familiar with the body kit you're talking about but if its just an over the bumper style (or under the bumper even) you don't need to change the headlight/grill setup, just the bumper. The bumper is a direct bolt on (if you don't bother with the supports) and you could leave your current headlights alone. Thats what I did.

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