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Thread: "power loss" after lowering?

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    "power loss" after lowering?

    I was curious if any of you noticed a difference off the line when you lowered your ride. I'm considering going real low (4/6 or so), but was curious how that would affect 60' times. I ask becuase when we dropprd my brothers '01 silverado he lost .2 on his 60' (1.8's to 2.0's). We only went 2/4 and thats all that was changed. All that I can see really being affected by lowering is weight transfer, and that would only be affected because of stiffer springs, right? It's probably just another one of those things I'm giving too much thought to before I go ahead and do it, but was just wondering what every one's experiences were with this thus far. I would have posted in the suspension forum, but figured you guys would have more input.

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    When you lower a vehicle you lower the center of gravity. Meaning the body doesn't sway as easily which affects weight transfer.

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    When I dropped my full size 4/6 it actually got quicker because it transfered better.

    Your best bet for lowering the front would be to use tall lower ratio springs that settle when you install the heavier v8 similar to Moroso trick springs. This aids in weight transfer because more energy is stored in the springs and will be released faster when you are racing. A good adjustable shock will help too. Switch to a 90/10 setting at the track to let the front end rise quickly, 90/10 shocks suck on the street though.

    If you are keeping the leaf springs in the rear be careful when using traction bars. I am using Lakewood slapper bars for the s-10 and drop blocks. This puts the bars very close to the ground. My blazer hooks pretty well, but I can only go to about 12psi in my 26" slicks. If I go any lower I'd scrape the traction bars on the track and get kicked out. Just something to consider when doing your rear suspension, regular old gas shocks should be fine for the rear, mine are $12 AllCar specials.

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