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Thread: 1995 4.3 TBI spray question

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    1995 4.3 TBI spray question

    i got a 1995 s-10 2wd 4.3L TBI. I know that Venom makes a nitrous kit for it. My question is.........will my engine handle somewhere a 100 shot. I would be getting the kit that Venom makes, including the fuel upgrades and other shit like that. any input would be appreciated, esp. from anyone who has nitrous on their truck also.

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    hmm, how many miles are on the truck? If you have 100k or more id say it would really hurt the engine(didnt you say it had quite a few??). I would take the engine in to get rebuilt. You can find a nice rebuild kit for about 400 bucks with new pistons and stuff... If you didnt know how to do it then a shop could for about 600 bucks or so... You might want the transmission to be rebuilt also... You might be able to get away wih a small shot, like a 30 to 50 shot. But if youre looking for power, start saving for a V8 like you were thinkin a little while ago...

    Hope this helps, Drew
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