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Thread: Tires with 5/6 drop?

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    Tires with 5/6 drop?

    I know there are probably a million threads about this but since the search option won't let me use the number 15 it is kind of hard to narrow down my search. My only question is with a 5/6 drop on my 2wd s-10 what size tires should i go with on my 15" rims? I live in Michigan so they have to be able to handle snow. I need new tires so i figured i would figure this out before i bought them. Anything helps so thanks.

    93 sdime
    *factory hunter green 4.3 v6
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    New ride: 84 1.9l 4 spd s-10
    Exterior: HOK purple paint over entire car/ cap, shaved doors, shaved antenna, shaved tailgate, ground effects
    Wheels: 15" Ultra polished rims with michelin mxv4 tires.
    Suspension: 3/4 drop soon to be 5/6
    Interior: Custom carpteing and blowthru to cap custom blue leather seats.
    System: Sony MX610 cd player, infinity kappa 60.5cs components, custom fiberglassed kick panels.

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    A good P235/60R15 with the right offset wheels will work great. I had Firestone SS10's on the Blazer for years and drove it all winter with a 5/4 drop. I drive BFG Radial T/A's all winter on my full size - they are ok in the snow and have BFG Touring T/A's on the BMW and they are decent in the snow too.

    Try getting two sets of tires though. A nice performance set for summer and a set of Blizzak's for the winter

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    i have 235/60s for the front on my s10 rims (the rims are on my nova now) and 255/60s for the back. anyways a 235/60s is around a 25 inch tall tire, it should work fine.

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