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Thread: Tuckin Rim....

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    Tuckin Rim....

    Ok, someone here's gotta be an expert.. 02 X Blazer.. 20x9's upfront with a 4.75 in Rear Spacing ... and 22x9.5's in the rear with 5 7/8th's rear spacing... the front's I think im good.. but am I going to be able to tuck in the rear?
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    I think 5.5" bs out back its about the most you wanna go. And, thats too much up front,and too wide a rim. Your gonna rub. Especially with 20's
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    been there done that will look good and rub liek fuck
    20x8 front 4.5 bs 245 35 20 yes or 255 35 20
    rear ghetto but if your gonna do it 22x9.5 5.5 bs 285 30 22 5 7/8 will suck it in more which should be fine
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