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Thread: Help With Bumpstops

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    Help With Bumpstops

    I need help on removing bumpstops...first off I have no idea where they are located and I dont know how to remove or install them...can anyone help with some detail please....oh yeah its an 85 Jimmy 4x4
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    The front bumpstops are located on the rear side of the wheel/control arms. It's best to work in there with the wheel off and the truck on jack stands. On the bottom control arm, at the rear side of it, you will see a bracket coming off the frame with a black triangle shaped piece of rubber pionting downward. To remove them you just undo the little nut that holds them on from above with a wrench and the pull right out. In the rear they are pointing down off the frame right above the front side of the axle. Dont remove these! There is no reason to remove these other than notching the frame.
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