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Thread: 89 4x4 v8

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    89 4x4 v8

    I plan on putting a v8 in my 89 s10 it has a 4.3 v6.I was wondering if anyone knows if the tranny and all the brackets for the ac and alt.will work on the v8 will I need to change any of the wiring
    Also this truck has a digital dash it does work at all now can I change this to a reg dash or have it fixed and will it work with the v8
    Thanks Randy:confused:

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    Well, I am not sure if the digital dash has differnt sensors. But For my 86 blazer with my turbo 350, the RPM's are a little off, 2000 or so. And the mph's are off around 10 mph at 55. It says I am doing 65 when I am doing 55. Not that big of a deal, you can feel like your speeding :)
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