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Thread: For those wanting to lower their 98 up blazer. Important info to read

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    For those wanting to lower their 98 up blazer. Important info to read

    So far have done over 20 98 up blazers and heres just some facts to help you guys out. If you 98 up guys have any questions feel free to ask. N2ONOMA@COMCAST.NET OR AIM AT N20NOMA

    1) 98 up blazers use different spindles only belltech makes them, you cannot use s10 spindles at all!!
    2) they also use different springs and leafs but same blocks
    3) 98 up the blazers started using 1.5 inch higher body mounts you can just compare a stock 98 up 2 door blazer to a 94 up stock s10 and see how much higher it sits. the pre 97 blazers have the same body mounts.
    4) 3/4 DROP STILL LEAVES GAP. 4/5 Is the way to go.
    5) ANYTHING LOWER THAN A 3 INCH DROP IN REAR YOU WILL NEED TO FLIP REAR BRAKE LINES. I had a customer total his blazer because he never came back for me to do this. In rear you will see the brakes line loops up which will rub against the frame. Just unloosen the line from the caliper flip it around and make sure the bend in the line is facing down and your set to go. Then bleed the brakes
    6) When you are lowering in rear YOU CANNOT CUT THE BUMPSTOPS OFF. The truck is totally different than a s10. On the bumpstops ONLY CUT OFF FROM THE TOP. WHen you have a 4 inch drop or more you will need to cut them at at most about 1.5 inches off the top of the bumpstop then put it in. Anymore than that your axle will hit the frame before the bumpstops bottom out.
    7) we have a 7inch drop in rear and you will need a custom c notch like this one we have. More than a 1 3/4 notch your pumkin will hit the bottom of the floor hard so 1.75 most id go

    8) Blazer X guys do not use lower control arms. ONLY USE LOWER A ARMS IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE USING DROP SPRINGS AND SPINDLES.

    heres a 01 blazer 235 60 15 and 275 60 15 i did. spindles and 2 inch spring in front. Rear 3 inch block and pulled a leaf.

    Here is our blazer X

    Here is a blazer x i recently did
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